President Huang Hansheng led a delegation to visit Taiwan (01-07-2011)
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President Huang Hansheng led a delegation to visit Taiwan
During 23rd and 30th December, 2011, President Huang Hansheng, with a delegation of 5 people from the Office of Fujian Normal University, Graduate School, Office of Personnel and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, arrived in Taiwan for an 8-day visit.
The delegation visited Shih Hsin University, National Taiwan Normal University, Ming Chuan University, Taipei Municipal University of Education, Tunghai University, National Changhua University of Education and National Kaohsiung Normal University in succession. The delegation also paid a visit to some people in Taiwan, including Madam Ku Yen Chuo-yun, Mr. Wang Lingling, the board chairman of Eastern Multimedia Group, our students studying in Shih Hsin University and National Changhua University of Education as well as some Taiwan students who had pursued the master degree in Fujian Normal University.
The delegation had thorough and in-depth discussions with the above-mentioned universities, achieving fruitful outcomes: firstly, our school signed with Shih Hsin University a contract--Agreement on Joint Training of Talents Between Fujian-Taiwan Colleges and Universities, which adopted “3+1” Butt-joint Talent Training Pattern to train high - level applicable talents in the areas of tourism management, information transmission and radio and television; secondly, our university signed an Academic Cooperation and Exchange Agreement with National Taiwan Normal University, which stipulated that the two schools should exchange students, teachers, researchers and administrative staffs to learn from each other, and that the two schools should hold academic conferences jointly and exchange academic information; in addition, our university signed Academic Cooperation Letter of Intent with Ming Chuan University to exchange students and teachers; lastly, our school signedwith Taipei Municipal University of Education Exchanging Student Letter of Intent for Academic Study, according to which the two schools should exchange 5 to 10 students annually, as well as the Educational Cooperation and Academic Exchange Agreement to promote the exchange of teachers and students and the academic cooperation. Meanwhile, our university also reached intent on close cooperation.

 This visit enhanced the existing relationship between our university and some schools, and set up a new partnership with some other schools. Through this visit, the universities and companies cross the strait actively explored new ways to promote academic exchange and cooperation in a school-school-enterprise pattern, greatly expanding areas of cooperation with Taiwan colleges and universities. In the future, our university will further deepen the cooperation with Taiwan schools, explore new patterns of cooperation, widen the exchange of undergraduate, and expand the exchange of postgraduate students and teachers in order to build up an open university and promote the educational cooperation across the strait.




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